Upwards and Onward

Last Sunday my trusty, long suffering and reliable car and I were involved in a crash through no fault of our own. The car, which enabled me to start The Flower Bank, has been written off and apart from whip lash I’ve been enjoying the joys of a courtesy car. Thank you to everyone who’s helped me out this week - too many to name and I was particularly lucky to receive help with collections of flowers which was fantastic. On Wednesday Julie & Caroline decorated the window for British Flowers week and so began our rotating shop window display - if you’d like to come and decorate the window please let me know - this week is Ladies Day at Ascot and the following week Wimbledon. The response from passers by has been phenomenal. On Friday we received the costings for the shop refurbishment, they’ve come in over budget but with help from friends and volunteers I'm confident we can bring it in under budget.

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